HSG Catheters

We sell HSG catheters wholesale to medical offices, physician offices, surgery centers, and hospitals throughout the U.S., as well as healthcare facilities worldwide. Titus Medical supply carries the highest quality, HS catheters, HSG catheters, and disposable medical devices.

About HSG Catheters

Titus Medical Supply specializes is extremely high quality, low cost, HSG catheters which are single-use disposable medical devices whose safety and effectiveness meets the requirements of the highest regulatory standards worldwide. Titus Medical supply has maintained years of world-class service based on customers’ trust on quality, integrity and transparency.

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HS Catheters


Titus Medical Supply offers multiple varieties of HS catheters wholesale to medical offices. We offer the traditional balloon catheters which is the most popular. We also offer a catheter that has an integrated stylet which allows physicians the to shape the catheter to help those with a restricted or stenotic cervical canal. We offer both catheters in a 5Fr or 7Fr sizes. Additionally, we offer 2 additional varieties of HSG Catheters without a distal balloon which can block view of the uterus. Our HSG Procedure Tray includes all of the items necessary to perform a sonohysterogram or hysterosalpingogram. We offer these procedure trays with or without HS Catheters.

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We offer the lowest wholesale HSG Catheter prices to physician offices, surgery centers, and hospitals throughout the U.S., as well as healthcare facilities worldwide.

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We carry only the highest quality HS & HSG Catheters & disposable medical supplies. Tutus Medical leads and exceeds recognize quality product regulations from FDA.