Uterine Injectors TMI1153

Uterine Injectors TMI1153 (Box of 12)


One of the most advanced balloon-tipped uterine injectors available. The design provides maximum operator convenience and minimal uterine trauma. These disposable uterine injectors is highly versatile and can be used for laparoscopic procedures, tubal sterilization, fertility studies and minilaparotomy.

  • Does Not Contain Latex.
  • All Uterine injectors are sterile, disposable, ready to use
  • Shaft curved properly (uterine sound shaped) for use in anteverted or retroverted uteri
  • Snap-on cervical stop custom set for every patient
  • Snap-on cervical stop V-shaped design for easy view of external cervical os
  • Patient ambulatory once instrument properly inserted
  • Durable no-crack luer fitting on flexible collar for convenient injection
  • No spring or weights added

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